Online Mail Service

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CRA My AccountThe CRA has introduced a new service that allows individual taxpayers to view some of their correspondence from CRA online through My Account, rather than receiving it in the mail. Once you are registered, an email notification will be sent to your email account stating there is new posting available for you to view in My Account. Currently, only Notice of Assessments and Notice of Reassessments will generate an email notification to be sent to your account.

To be able to receive these notifications, you must first be registered for My Account, which is a secure, CRA online service, for individual taxpayers. After that you may register to receive these online mail notifications by doing one of the following:

  • Providing your email on your T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return;
  • Contacting the CRA’s Individual Income Tax and Trust Enquiries service at 1-888-279-8281; or
  • Selecting “Manage online mail” on your My Account webpage.

This is beneficial not only because it is convenient for you to view your CRA correspondence anywhere and anytime you like, but it is also environment friendly!