Financial Statements Preparation & Corporate Taxes

In order for you to benefit fully from your financial statements, they need to be accurate, and made available shortly after the fiscal period. Without these statements, you cannot be sure where you have succeeded, and where changes or improvements are needed.

We prepare fiscal year-end financial statements for our corporate clients, while taking positive steps to increase their business profitability, and allow for forecasting and budgeting on an ongoing basis.

We Can Help:

  • Plan your fiscal year end reporting requirements.
  • Review operations, and make recommendations on changes and improvements.
  • Determine type of year-end engagement that best fits your needs.
  • Prepare key ratios and analysis of operations for management review.
  • Provide assistance in implementing collection policies and procedures for receivables.
  • Corporate shareholder/manager remuneration planning.
  • Federal T2 and Provincial CT23 Income Tax Returns.
  • Compliance with government remittance requirements; HST, WSIB, EHT, and source deductions.

Our Commitment:

  • Provide you with complete financial statements shortly after the fiscal year end.
  • Develop and implement work flow improvements as required.
  • Resolve issues in a creative and proactive manner, so that you can benefit from current tax legislation.

Alleviating the challenges government imposes is how we can help; so you can spend your time managing your business.