Trevor Leathem

Director, Vorlea Management Consulting Ltd |

I switched to Marcella’s company a few years ago after a close friend listened to me griping about my current accountant and recommended that I meet with her. He and his wife spoke very highly of Marcella’s abilities. Marcella now handles both my personal and business services and I can honestly say that she has (in my many years of experience) the unique capability to speak to me in a language that I as a non-financial person can understand. Not only that, she is very pleasant and personable to deal with.

She and her staff are efficient and professional, and interacting with her company is so easy and efficient. I raved so much about this that my wife also decided to meet with Marcella which resulted in her switching her personal and business accounting from her previous accountant.

You cannot go wrong using Marcella’s company. Both my wife and I could not be more pleased that we made the decision to switch accountants.